"You girls have changed."

Translation:Voi ragazze siete cambiate.

April 14, 2013

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The answer given uses the conjugation "siete cambiate", but I thought cambiare only took avere in the passato prossimo. Am I mistaken?

(It does accept "avete cambiato" as an acceptable answer).


Depends on what follows the participle of cambiare:

  • Abbiamo cambiato casa - We changed/moved houses
  • La casa è cambiata - The house changed
  • Ho cambiato le scarpe - I changed the/my shoes
  • Le scarpe sono cambiate - The shoes changed
  • Mia madre ha cambiato la ricetta - My mother changed the recipe
  • Mia madre è cambiata dopo la ricetta - My mother changed after the recipe

Avere requires a direct object. That simple! Here are a few examples specific to the sentence:

  • Voi ragazze siete cambiate - You girls have changed
  • Voi ragazze avete cambiato il colore - You girls have changed the color
  • Voi ragazze l'avete cambiato - You girls have changed it
  • Voi ragazze l'avete cambiata (la ricetta) - You girls have changed it


Pearls of wisdom! Great question Peter (struggled with this for a good couple of hours last night!) Brilliantly concise and explicit reply from our beloved mukkapazza. Complimenti a tutti!


Perfectly explained. Duolingo...we need some little lessons like these added in somewhere...maybe if you see a user get this wrong x times, then pop up a lesson. With a print button. Also maybe add a print button to the comments section?

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