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  5. "This roof is very cheap."

"This roof is very cheap."

Translation:यह छत बहुत सस्ती है।

June 14, 2019



I randomly have picked Hindi to test here in Duolingo - I'm a Brazilian Portuguese native speaker who has lived in India for one year, and quiet fluent in Hindi - and I'm quite surprised that the pronounce of 'Yah' is like 'Y-A-H', not like 'Ye', as it is coloquially spoken in North India. Or maybe because I lived in Punjab and got their accent, but I have never seen anyone speaking 'yah' with an 'a' sound like 'chaval', but way more like 'mahal' Same thing with 'bahut'; I always spoke like 'bohot', not 'b-aa-h-oo-t' as here in duolingo


You're right. In many words with the letter ह, Hindi deviates from phonetic pronunciation for the vowels around ह. यह is yeh, वह is voh, छह is cheh, बहुत is bohot, बहन is behen and so on.

The TTS used by Duo however tends to use the phonetic pronunciation for these words which is not natural/colloquial.


Look, Iam born in India and have spent 12 years of my life here. My second language is Hindi, so I think I might help you out...

Many have this confusion between YE and YAH you need to understand that YE stands for referring to plural(these) Example-YE PANCHIYA AASMAN MEIN UR RAHI HAI(These birds are flying in the sky) And YAH stands for singular (this) Example-YAH PANCHI AASMAN MEIN UR RAHI HAI(This bird is flying in the sky)

And in the case of your second doubt---- BOHOT is mostly used be everyone- natives and non natives too. However, it's incorrect. It's spelt as BAHOOT.

The answer is long, but according to me, reading it might give the new learners some help


Why is इस छत बहुत सस्ती है। Wrong?


"Iss" is only for the oblique case (used with postposition such as mein se par), you have to use "yeh" here, since there are no postpositions.


Is there some particular thing in this sentence that you are struggling with?


How is "chath" feminine?


How? It just is.

Or are you thinking that all feminine nouns need to end with ई sound? Not so - and nor are all that do feminine, हाथी (elephant) for example is masculine despite that ending.

NB it's also छत 'chat' by the way, not a 'th' sound (थ, or 'th.' ठ)


How can be a terrace very cheap? Is it salable thing?


It is at least once. A meal can also be 'cheap', but certainly can't be sold on.


It means cheap quality

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