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  5. "Those men eat oranges."

"Those men eat oranges."

Translation:वे आदमी संतरे खाते हैं।

June 14, 2019


[deactivated user]

    I thought the plural of संतर was simply संतर. Is it संतरे in this case because the orange is an object in the sentence?


    The singular is संतरा. By the normal rule for masculine nouns ending in ा, the plural is संतरे.

    Also, संतरे is not in the oblique case in this sentence because it is the direct object of the verb खाना.


    I have a question about the pronunciation: in the lesson for "Letters 3," it says "Schwa syncope sometimes also happens at the middle of words. This happens when the schwa (a) to be deleted follows a consonant that comes at the end of a syllable. When this case of the schwa syncope happens needs to be memorised. E.g. लड़का (lad-kā, not la-da-kā)."

    So, considering that the schwa after the त in संतरे is at the end of a syllable, why is it pronounced "santare" and not "santre"?


    The standard pronunciation is 'santre'. Duolingo TTS is wrong.


    It is santre but duolingo is pronouncing ot wrongly.

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