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Suggestion: Remove capitalization from "build a sentence" type answers in iPhone app

Hi. I do most of my Duolingo practice via the web site. This weekend, while mobile, I fired up the app on my phone and used it for a while. It's great!

I do have one small suggestion: one type of answer modality that exists on the iPhone but not on the web are the ones where you build a sentence by choosing words from a list, as if you were using one of those magnetic poetry kits. This is great. However, since the words you're picking have their final capitalization (and, unless I'm misremembering, even punctuation), you can sort of cheat yourself out of thinking through to the right answer 'properly' by just saying "Well, let's see, the first word in the sentence is capitalized. That eliminated 90% of the words on the screen."

I think all the words in the list you're choosing from should be all lower-case and without punctuation. Replace them with the capitalized/punctuated sentence once the sentence is submitted (if it's correct).

April 14, 2013



We are experimenting with making these word banks better/more challenging.

I enjoy these exercises more when the first word isn't given away too, we just have to make sure we don't make them so hard that people give up on them (a problem we had while testing them).


Did people really give up on them? That's weird. I mean, having to pick words is much easier than typing the whole thing manually, even if the first word is not capitalized.


Perhaps an option to allow people to do the lesson with/without the capitalization? That would allow the user to slightly modify their challenge level depending on how comfortable they are with the lesson material.

(this could be an option you can change at the start of every lesson, or maybe the option can be toggled from the Settings tab on the left sidebar)


Yup, this bugs me too!


It all seems to be lower case now for Spanish and I think it is much better.


Second this. Funny that I saw some lessons without first word capitalization and thought how clever it was to implement this and avoid minor cheating. However, the next lessons were again with the first word capitalized.


Wholeheartedly agree. It makes it unjustly easier.

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