"They return to their home, that is, to Jakarta."

Translation:Mereka pulang ke rumahnya, yaitu ke Jakarta.

June 14, 2019

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I thought pulang was already returning home from previous lessons


Yes, me too. Still wondering why they add the " ke rumahnya" here.


maybe it's to emphasize the word "pulang"?


because in this lesson, one of the focus words we are learning to use, is "yaitu". you cant make a proper sentence with "yaitu" if you dont add "...ke rumahnya" after "pulang", because the "yaitu" is there to explain where exactly is "rumahnya", that is (yaitu) jakarta.

you will never say "they return that is to jakarta" right? thats why you add "their home", so that you can explain further that their home is in jakarta.

dont complain about correct/incorrect or natural/unnatural. it is just what this lesson is all about. this is only a section in a language learning program. you dont learn the whole language in this one single question. you have to focus on what is the lesson here. in the other lesson about possesive for example, maybe you will focus on the word "their home". please dont complain about "yaitu" there. it is out of topic as well.


Thanks apsukma. Your explanation makes a lot of sense


'-nya' can be suffixed and functions as a possessive, like this :

rumah mereka = rumahnya = their house

rumah dia = rumahnya = his/her house


Is "rumah mereka" false?


No, but I did not know nya can also work for mereka


Thanks, I didn't know it could be used on "mereka".


Would be kembali rumah. Guessing both are correct

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