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  5. "I touch my plate."

"I touch my plate."

Vertaling:Ik raak mijn bord aan.

June 6, 2014

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Hi, I'm learning Dutch. Can some explain why the 'aan' at the end of the sentence? Is something similar to 'voorlees' ? Thanks :)


It's exactly the same! Like the verb voorlezen you mention (Ik lees voor), here the full verb is aanraken (ik raak aan).

There are a fairly large number of these verbs I'd say. It will probably help to think of the verbs as a combination of verbs and prepositions. So if you see a verb which looks like it starts with a preposition (e.g. voorlezen: voor), alarmbells should go off ;)

It probably won't be foolproof, but will get you a long way. Some other examples of these words: opletten [to pay attention]; optellen [to add (numbers)]; achterhouden [to withhold]; bijdragen [to contribute]; afvragen [to wonder] et cetera.


It is a part of the verb the infinitife is ''aanraken" and " raak" is by the subject and "aan" is the another part.


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