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  5. "Our room is narrow"

"Our room is narrow"

Translation:Chumba chetu ni chembamba

June 14, 2019



Why is it chumba changu ni chembambo, but chumba changu ni kipana ? One is chem the other ki even though it describes the same thing.

  • '-embamba' and '-pana' mean the exact opposite things; '-embamba' is thin or narrow, '-pana' is wide
  • adjectives describing nouns in the 'Ki/Vi' noun class can either take the prefix 'ki-' if the stem starts with a consonant (kizuri, kichafu), or 'ch-' if the stem starts with a vowel, so you have to be able to identify the stem to determine which one to use (cheupe, cheusi)


Further practice:

  • Chumba changu ni chembamba. - My room is narrow.
  • Chumba chako ni chembamba. - Your room is narrow.
  • Chumba chke ni chembamba. - His/Her room is narrow.
  • Chumba chetu ni chembamba. - Our room is narrow.
  • Chumba chenu ni chembamba. - Your room is narrow.
  • Chumba chao ni chembamba. - Their room is narrow.

  • Vyumba vyangu ni vyembamba. - My rooms are narrow.

  • Vyumba vyako ni vyembamba. - Your rooms are narrow.
  • Vyumba vyke ni vyembamba. - His/Her rooms are narrow.
  • Vyumba vyetu ni vyembamba. - Our rooms are narrow.
  • Vyumba vyenu ni vyembamba. - Your rooms are narrow.
  • Vyumba vyao ni vyembamba. - Their rooms are narrow.

  • Chumba chembamba si vyangu. - The narrow room is not mine.

  • Chumba chembamba ni kizuri. - The narrow room is nice.
  • Vyumba vyembamba si vizuri. - Narrow rooms are not nice.


Incredible! Thank you so much :)

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