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  5. "the wife of the man"

"the wife of the man"

Translation:ka wahine a ke kāne

June 14, 2019



Two Classes of Possessives, Kino ʻŌ and Kino ʻĀ

In Hawaiian there are two classes of possessives, (Kino ʻŌ and Kino ʻĀ).

(Kino ʻŌ) items ,in general, are things you do not have control over, in terms of creating them, like your ancestors, parents, siblings, and body parts.

Things that you possess for the purpose of wearing them, or primarily to be situated in, on, under, behind, or in front of are also (kino ʻŌ), like clothes, shelter, buildings, time, land, and modes of transportation.

All the other items, those that you have the ability to create or choose

are (Kino ʻĀ) . Like your spouse, your children, food, your job, and other things you create like songs you write, or art you make.

Episode 11 of Ka Leo ʻŌiwi (link) https://youtu.be/fpWk5Yl8H84


Help! Given this definition, how come it was marked "correct" when I used "o"?

I thought I remembered reading somewhere that very close relationships like spouses or friends could be "o" to denote that closeness (although I see this definition says specifically "a" for spouse). Are spouses and friends perhaps optional to the speaker, depending on the relationship?

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