Difference between восле, рядом and около

I don’t get the difference, apparently they all mean near. I only know that after около the genitive must follow, but that’s it. Thanks in advance!

June 15, 2019


These prepositions are synonymous, but not in all cases.

Возле-Near - this preposition is used in the meaning of “near, very close to something or someone”. With this meaning, the preposition "near" is synonymous with the preposition "about."

We agreed to meet near (near) school.- Мы договорились встретиться возле (около) школы.

Near (about) Andrew was free space. - Возле (около) Андрея было свободное место.

A crowd always gathers near (near) the store's doors before opening. - Возле (около) дверей магазина перед открытием всегда собирается толпа.

Mom decided to put a refrigerator near (near) the door.- Мама решила поставить холодильник возле (около) дверей.

Около-Around - this preposition, besides the meaning “near, very close”, has the meaning “approximately, a little more or less some measure”. Also, the preposition "about-около " can mean "around something or someone."

Our house is about five kilometers away. - До нашего дома около пяти километров.

Natasha comes home from work at about five o'clock. - Наташа приходит с работы около пяти часов.

Near the lake the forest is overgrown with impassable shrubs. - Около озера лес зарос непроходимым кустарником.

Lisa opened her eyes and saw about herself hundreds of people. - Лиза открыла глаза и увидела около себя сотни людей.

Рядом- бок о бок, очень близко. - Close by, very close. Один подле другого. - One beside the other

Сидеть рядом с отцом . - Sit next to the father.

Жить рядом с вокзалом. - Live near the train station.

Pядoм с его бедой мои заботы - ничто.- Next to his misfortune, my worries are nothing.

June 16, 2019

около means around, рядом means next, and возле also means next to. They are all synonyms, so it's fine if you're confused.

June 15, 2019

They are all synonymous, so I could be wrong ...

около = around / about
I think we use "возле" when something is obviously near and "рядом" otherwise.
Машина возле дома - you can see a car near the house
Машина рядом с домом - somewhere near the house there is a car

June 15, 2019

Russian native speaker here! You're right all of them mean "near", I'll try to explain the difference.

Около (чего?) дома and Возле (чего?) дома You don't use any prepositions here in both cases, I guess you could say that the difference here is that Около can mean anywhere near, whereas Возле is more like in front, even though still means "near"

Рядом С (чем?) домом You use "С" with it

Here you go, if you have any more question, ask away

June 15, 2019
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