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Sait-il vs. C'est-il

Are they pronounced same ?

Can "C'est-il?" be used as a question ?

How can we distinguish? From the context ?

July 19, 2012


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And then there's "Sept-Îles"... also pronounced the same, I think.


To answer your question, yes, the pronounciation is exactly the same. And "S'est-il" as well.

However, I don't see when you could use "C'est-il".


"C'est-il" would not be correct in French. If you want to make the phrase "C'est..." into a question, you would need to say "Est-ce" or "Est-ce que c'est."

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Not that anyone would know or care, just thought it was a fun bit of useless information...


I made the same mistake and wrote C'est il. If that is incorrect, how would you say "That is it" in french?



If "that's it" means that a task has just been completed, then you would probably say "Et voilà." or "C'est bon" or "C'est tout".

Do you need something else ? No. That's it. Thank you.

Avez-vous besoin d'autre chose ? Non, c'est bon. Merci.

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