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Activity not being tracked

Hello educators,

Have you experienced the problem that a student's activity is not tracked? I tried assigning that class (just one student) an assignment, and it later showed it as completed, but on the schools page it still showed that the student had not completed any lessons.

I don't want to try having the student log out and back in, because then their progress in the leaderboards would be lost (another bug).

I'll repost this in the troubleshooting forum as well. I reported the bug a few days ago.

Let me know if you have observed a similar problem.


June 15, 2019



Update: After the weekly round was completed for the leagues, the student tried logging out, then back in again. Their position in the leagues had not changed, and they did not have to complete ten new lessons (that was a previous glitch that I had reported, and apparently it has been fixed!).

However, the problem on the Duolingo for schools site continues. It does not track the student's progress, or show their activity. It does apparently understand enrollment in the class and assignments, because they got a notification that they had completed the assignment I assigned. When I click on "View activity log," a message pops out that reads, "This user is not currently studying German."


I have had the occasional student that doesn't show up somehow as completing the assignment, so I have them send me a screenshot.

If you only have one student, a screenshot to show progress may be the easiest workaround until the bug gets fixed.

What I really rely on are the weekly update e-mails that Duo sends for my students. I find those easier to read (I don't have to click on every individual student and wait for my computer to respond) and it tells me at a glance how much XP they earned and what skills they are working on.

The downside is that it does not tell me, "They did 200 minutes in one night because they forgot until the day before" vs. "They spread everything out in bite-sized chunks over the course of the week, just like any wise person would do."

Hope this helps!

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