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Why Swahili?

My Mum learned this language along with German from a German missionary. I think the language sounds cool but I don't have much use for it. Why are you learning it?

June 15, 2019



I spent a wonderful holiday in the south of Tanzania, but it was nearly impossible to really connect to people. So I decided to learn Swahili a bit and then come back. This year I visited Kenya and could at least greet people properly and order coffee in Swahili, which is appreciated very much. I even gave my first speech in Swahili, to thank people in a Samburu village for their hospitality. I just go on learning. Swahili is a beautiful and rich language and definitely not easy to learn. If you love the eastern part of Africa, learning Swahili is your best option I think. No chance to learn all languages spoken in the various tribes.


I learn it, because I fell in love with Uganda. I know not all of the people in Uganda speak Swahili and in the region I lived, they spoke mostly Luganda. But Luganda is not available so I decided to learn at least Swahili :)


I am learning it in hopes to travel to the region in the future! Hopefully by that time the East African Federation is a thing, and what a beautiful thing that would be.


I'm working for a nonprofit this summer where most of my kids are refugees, and I think it is a good gesture to take interest in their language and culture.. it also really helps talking to parents. I'm excited to learn!


I'm part of a Lutheran congregation of refugees in the Clarkston, GA area. Most of our people originate from Democratic Republic of Congo. My congregation mostly speaks Swahili, French and vilugha vingine vingi.

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