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"Pertemuan di gedung parlemen itu dihadiri oleh beberapa menteri."

Translation:The meeting in that parliament building was attended by several ministers.

June 15, 2019



Why not pertemuan itu? It's not a meeting in that building but that meeting in the building.


The word "itu" (or "ini") is usually placed at the end of the whole phrase.

The meeting = Pertemuan itu

The meeting in the building = Pertemuan di gedung itu

The pen = Pena itu

The pen that I borrow = Pena yang saya pinjam itu

The pen that I borrowed and lost and had to replace = Pena yang saya pinjam lalu hilang lalu harus saya ganti itu


"The meeting in that parliament building ....."

That's a better translation of the Indonesian noun phrase.

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