"Ñuhyz dubyssy zokli issi."

Translation:My siblings are wolves.

June 15, 2019

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    How do you know what is meant? If you say dubyssy, it could either mean siblings or cousins, so how does the other person know what you're talking about? Same with Valonqar and Haedar which means both younger cousin/sister/brother?


    but only parallel cousins from uncle/aunt named kepa/muña. But generally yes, though it's most likely to be referring to siblings. It needs more context


    Shouldn't zokli be zoklī because it is accusative plural?


    It isn't accusative, it is nominative. Forms of "to be" take the nominative noun before and after.


    Thanks for explaining. So can this sentence mean "My wolves are siblings" as both dubyssy and zokli are nominative.


    For it to be My wolves are siblings, it would be Ñuhī zoklī debussy issi. Otherwise the sentence could mean Wolves are my siblings. I cannot tell if Duolingo will accept this answer or not.


    Thanks for answering. Why does zokli and ñuhyz change to ñuhi and zoklī here ?


    That's a bad on me. It should actually be Ñuhi zokli dubyssy issi. The my must match the noun it modifies. In this case it modifies zokli.

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