Amazing podcasts

I'm sorry if it's a widely-known resource, this is my first day on the forum after a 20 day initial streak.

Just found them today on Spotify, amazing podcasts: all-Russian, the guy speaks really slowly and precisely, providing synonyms and examples for more difficult words. Most of all, he talks really interestingly so it's really captivating & addictive. Intermediate level.

The guy is also on Youtube: "Russian with Max" but I haven't seen those.

June 15, 2019


Thank you! Found his website, for some more good stuff:

June 15, 2019

Russian w/ Max is v. good. Perfect intermediate or sometimes advanced listening level.

June 15, 2019

Russian with Max is awesome! I also really love this video series, Easy Russian. The channel is called Easy Languages, and they make these videos for damn near any language you'd like to learn. They go on the street and talk with strangers, asking them a simple question so that you can hear REAL vocabulary in a conversational setting.

June 17, 2019

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