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"Tunahitaji kiwanja cha michezo kizuri"

Translation:We need a good playing field

June 15, 2019



What is the difference between uwanja and kiwanja (if any)?


there's a noun conjugation called Ukubwa and Udogo, which is basically derivatives of nouns that are the "bigger and smaller versions" of the regular noun e.g. a town is mji (regular), a city is jiji (ukubwa), and a village is kijiji (udogo). A house is nyumba, a room is chumba, and a mansion is jumba

So Ukubwa nouns are in the Ji/Ma class while Udogo nouns are in the Ki/Vi class. This conjugation only applies to some nouns, here is an article with some more examples: http://swa.gafkosoft.com/ukubwa_na_udogo

Hope this helps! (And uwanja is a field or plot, kiwanja is on a smaller scale, like a playground)

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