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Let's write our own family story.

Here is my try.

One day, it was a good summer day, I swatted a very annoying fly that noisily flew all over the room. It was not easy to do that. I was delighted with my agility and waited for approval from my little, three year old, daughter. But suddenly she began to cry. Tears were streaming down her cheeks. “What happened, dear?” “Why did you kill my best friend, my beautiful fly?” “But you already have your Jimmi-dog, he is your best friend.” “He cannot fly! He cannot fly!” “Look at this another flying fly. It is even better than the first one.” “Do you think I’m going to meet just anyone?” Now she looked at me with resentment and indignation. Fortunately, there was ice-cream in the fridge. When the ice-cream disappeared, my little daughter looked at me slyly. “Dad, don’t you see that fly over there, on your newspaper?”

June 15, 2019

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your story is pretty good :) but there are several mistakes :)


Please, tell me. I am here to study.


Please, tell me about. - здесь about оставлять нет необходимости. либо вы дописываете местоимение и получается tell me about THEM (о них = об ошибкАХ - мн.ч), либо просто tell me. Сохранение предлогов необходимо для поддержания смысла. Возьмем, к примеру, фразовый глагол look for - искать. Если вы не сохраните предлог for в вопросе, то смысл будет искажен. Что ты ищешь? What are you looking FOR? Без for глагол look будет иметь значение глагола просто look, а само предложение будет звучат некорректно. В вашем же предложении и без about все понятно + это не вопрос. в вопросе: О чем ты говоришь? было бы What are you talking about? Опять же, это about будет передавать русское O в начале вопроса = сохраняет изначальный посыл предложения.

three years old, daughter - если мы говорим о возрасте, то I am three yearS old, she is three yearS old, но в словосочетании трёхЛЕТНЯЯ дочь s на конце у числительного отпадает. my three-yeaR-old daughter.

Why did you killed my best friend, my beautiful fly? - why did you kiLL my best friend, my beautiful fly? в вопросах у глаголов не может быть окончания -ed. Например: what did you listeN? what did you cooK? по этому принципу неправильный глагол возвращается в начальную форму: What did you DO? What did you BUY?

a very annoying fly that noisY flew - noisy - шумный, вам нужна другая форма nosiLY - шумно a very annoying fly that flew noisily

Look at this new flying fly - с точки зрения грамматики все хорошо, а лексики - нет, хотя, может, вы сделали это on purpose :) flying fly - тавтология, как масло масляное. одного fly было бы достаточно.

несмотря на грамматические ошибки, текст замечательный! лексический состав тянет на очень высокий уровень, что несомненно является вашим коньком!


Amy! Thank you very much. Your corrections are very helpful for me, especially about “about”. I did not know it. All the others are a result of my carelessness – I was writing late at night and was a little sleepy. I wrote “flying fly” just for fun – our daughter said that her dog could not fly. Amy, you are too kind, I don’t deserve so high praising. Nevertheless, I decided to write one more our family story.

The scene is our small summer house, not far from St. Petersburg. My wife and I were sitting in front of it, enjoying the warm evening sun and watching our little four year old son, Michael, digging in the sand. One of us said something about white nights. Suddenly, our son looked at us and very seriously said: “And I know what a white night means.” “What is it, dear?” “It is the time when all the people around are already sitting on the pots and outside it is still light.”


you are welcome :)


"Author, write more!" :) Nobody writes anything here lately. :(

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