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"ʻO ka manakō a me ka hala kahiki koʻu makemake."

Translation:The mango and the pineapple are what I want.

June 15, 2019



I'm still not convinced that there is any reason to reverse subject and predicate. How is the correct answer superior to "What I like are mango and pineapple"?


I agree with this. Your answer is more grammatically correct in English anyway. I wonder if Duolingo is attempting to show relation between Hawaiian and direct English translation in their answer?


I answered "I like mango and pineapple" and it was marked correct.


The article the is not necessary for translating this. Mango and pineapple are what I want.


In English no if you mean in general, but this translation could be like picking the mango and the pineapple out of a bunch of other fruit - so also correct?

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Is there any difference between this sentence and "Makemake au i ka manakō a me ka hala kahiki" (apologies if I translated that wrong) ?


Only if there is a difference between "The mango and the pineapple are what I want" and "I want the mango and the pineapple."


"The mango and the pineapple are my desires", is this acceptable as a translation?

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