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  5. "वह बच्चा आज तैर रहा है।"

"वह बच्चा आज तैर रहा है।"

Translation:That child is swimming today.

June 16, 2019



तैर 'to swim' is mispronounced; it is diphthongized.


You're right. It is being pronounced as a diphthong which is the original Sanskrit pronunciation (this is why ै is romanised as 'ai'). It is still pronounced that way by speakers of certain Hindi dialects but the standard Hindi pronunciation is different.


It's basically a tomayto tomahto issue


That boy is swimming should be accepted.


Boy is लड़का


Thanks for the clarification Vinay92. But since bacha and bachi refer to male and female kids respectively, wouldn't bacha refer to a small boy?


बच्चा can be used as a catch-all term for a child of either gender. You use बच्ची only when you want to emphasise that the child is female. This is similar to how बिल्ली is a 'cat' and you use बिल्ला only when you want to say 'male cat'.

लड़का/लड़की are more explicitly gendered terms. Also, similar to boy/girl, they can be applied both to children and young adults.

Eg: बच्चे मैदान में खेल रहे हैं - The children are playing in the playground (says nothing about the gender of the children)
लड़के मैदान में खेल रहे हैं - The boys are playing in the playground (tells you for sure that everyone playing is male).


Oh ok, that's good to know - thanks! Also I didn't know a male cat is called billa. So I guess there are gender variations for all animal/bird names... like hathi, mor etc.?


Maybe not for all but they do exist for a lot of them. (हथिनी and मोरनी are cow elephants and peahens respectively).

For those that don't have one, you can prefix नर (male) or मादा (female) to indicate the gender of the animal.


That child is swimming today


That child is today is correct .is correct right


I write "the child is today swimming" I don't think is wrong, but maybe just they want to be really strict in the English way to write?

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