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"I drink milk so that I will be strong."

Translation:Saya minum susu agar saya kuat.

June 16, 2019



"Saya minum susu agar menjadi kuat" is also acceptable. However, it is not accepted by Duolingo. This is recurrent throughout this course, a rather narrow set of acceptable answers.


Agar or sehingga ... what is the difference?


sehingga - until agar - so that


can use say saya membuat kuat for I will become strong?


No, membuat is do, you'd use menjadi.

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I mean for the sentence; i will be strong


"saya minum susu jadi saya agar akan kuat" should also be accepted. This module of the course is very hard to work through because so far every question has had valid responses rejected.

  • "Agar" should be used at the start of a clause. It can't be used after "saya".

  • Replacing "agar" with "jadi" would change the meaning of the sentence. "Agar" indicates a purpose and can be translated into "so that". "Jadi" indicates a consequence and can be translated into "so".

  • Although the English uses the word "will", it is unnecessary to translate it into "akan" in Indonesian. Remember that Indonesian doesn't have tenses, so the future tense in English doesn't always have to be translated in the Indonesian sentence.


So what's the difference between those two and sehingga?


I'm not sure which two words you mean, but sehingga means until, e.g. Saya minum susu sehingga saya menjadi kuat. I drink milk until I become strong.


I would like a fuller understanding of these words as well.


But it shouldn't be marked as wrong when using akan, no?


My doubt is why akan does not appear in the answer.


I know they do not use will very often and I asked my friend here if he could give me a sentence with akan in it. He had trouble doing so. I would love to understand when akan is used and when it is not.


Is supaya not accepted in this context?

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