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"E wehe i ke kalipa ke komo i ka hale."

Translation:Remove your slippers whenever entering a house.

June 16, 2019



Why not "kou" for "your"?


possible too but it is implied.


Yes, sort of the same that happens isn Spanish: Quítate LAS zapatillas... In Spanish the -te gives the clue but being an imperative, I guess it is clearly implied.

What I don't totally understand is why is it here "KA hale" and not just "hale" if it's "a house" and not "the house"?


What about this phrasing is wrong?: "TAKE OFF off your slippers WHEN you COME INTO the house"? I never remember to substitute the term "remove" for "come into"; i never remember to substitute "enter" for come into, and what about any of this implies "whenever?" There was no "a pau." ???


I don't think anything is wrong with your phrasing. Whether it is "come into" or "go into" would depend on context, but out of context either should be acceptable.


Same question here: where is the "whenever" in the English translation coming from?


It's the "ke komo" part, but this looks like a noun. In English, isn't it an adverb?

I just want to phrase it in my head in a way that makes sense to me.


See my reply about ke komo that I just posted - The word ke before komo looks like the word "the" but in this case, it means whenever before the verb komo.


Mahalo nui, e kelii. My first try at an unscripted sentence in Hawaiian. ;) Thank you, again


The word ke before komo looks like the word "the" but in this case, it means whenever before the verb komo.


Why is it "ka hale" and not "he hale" when referring entering "a house".


"He" implies an equality: "He nani ka hale" "ka hale" = "nani" Enter =/= house


I wonder if it would have been accepted if I had remembered to put the second "f" in "Take off your slippers"?


Maybe so, because I tried "take off" your slippers when you "enter" the house instead of "remove" your slippers when you "come into" the house and it took "take off" but it won't take "come into." Too weird, yeah?


On a previous lesson, "E wehe i ke kalipa." I answered with 'Remove your slippers' instead of 'Take off your slippers' and got dinged for it.

Yet this lesson, the answer is 'Remove your slippers...'

A bit of consistency, please.


Did you report it?


Yes. But haven't come across it again to see what it accepts as an answer now. This was over a year ago.

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