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Incubator Stories: Meet Jojomotion & Libragold

This week, we're pleased to introduce you to Jojomotion who contributes to the French for German speakers course and Libragold who has been contributing to the English for Chinese speakers course (which recently entered beta).

We hope you've enjoyed meeting these amazing community members as much as we have. Cheers and thanks to all of the Incubator contributors who are volunteering their time to bring free education to the world!

<h1>Meet Jojomotion</h1>

Where do you call home? Florence, Italy

What are your interests? I am a PhD researcher in the sociology of the Internet who loves to cook, read and travel.

What's your native language? German

What languages do you know? I am fluent in French and English. I am learning Arabic, Dutch, Portuguese...although I consider Arabic a lifelong endeavor.

When do you translate on the Incubator? Whenever I need a break from work. Translating for Duolingo is a socially useful way of procrastinating, I fear. Let's hope I will ever finish my thesis!

What's your greatest language related accomplishment? I guess it really gets crazy when you start to dream in a foreign language. In my case, it seems to be the moment when a foreign language has become truly my own - so far it has happened in French and in English (and in my native German, of course). 

Why do you think learning a language is important?  It's funny, somehow this question never occured to me. I have loved learning languages from an early age. Foreign languages allow us to enter a new world with new meanings. Also, you get to talk to new people! I think that seeing it as an adventure into a new world is also the best way to stay motivated and to keep learning.

What is in your toolbag for translating on the Incubator? Dictionaries, dictionaries, and more dictionaries! I just need to be 100% sure that what I insert into the Incubator is right, so the website http://www.duden.de is my best friend.

<h1>Meet Libragold</h1>

Where do you currently call home? Pittsburgh, PA

What do you do? Any special hobbies or interests? I'm a graduate student at Carnegie Mellon University. I like sending and collecting postcards.

What languages do you know? Shanghainese (Chinese Dialect) is my native language. I know Mandarin and English as well.

What is in your toolbar for translating on the Incubator? Coffee, MacBook Air and Spotify.

When do you translate on the Incubator? After lunch or before bed.

What's your greatest language related accomplishment? Slept through all English classes at high school. Started to 'learn' English by watching American drama series in college. Survived GRE test.

Anything else you'd like to share with the community? My mom wants to learn English and has asked me to teach her several times. To be honest, I really had no idea how to teach her English until I saw Duolingo and the Incubator. I am so glad that I can be part of this project and help build the English course for Mandarin speakers with really awesome collaborators!

To get involved in the Incubator apply here: http://incubator.duolingo.com/apply

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June 6, 2014


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