Unwanted Followers

How do you get rid of unwanted followers?

June 6, 2014


Well, you can't get rid of them, but you can block them...

June 6, 2014

Thank you Aaren. How do I block them?

June 6, 2014

Go to their profile, there is a gear icon at the top right corner. Point at it, and it will give you the option to block them. Click on it, and you have officially blocked them. After blocking them, they cannot post on your stream. etc.

June 6, 2014

Just to add to that, here is a screenshot:

Alt text


June 6, 2014

Hi, has this feature been disabled? I am being followed by a sexworker and would rather not be! Definitely no gear icon on her profile page.


May 2, 2017

Boris, the icon is a very light grey color. It only turns blue once you mouse over it.

Currently, I am testing out some new tools for Duolingo. So, I don't see what others see at this time. Duolingo may or may not have recently changed things so the screenshot no longer applies. I'm not able to verify that.

If there is something inappropriate with their username or profile information will you please contact me so I can get that changed? Some people are still able to message me through my profile.

May 6, 2017

Hi Usagiboy, thanks for replying. I moused over the whole of that corner, very thoroughly, but no luck!

I'm sorry but I don't know how to contact you through your profile - can you see my followers? I know them all in person except HotTeacher.....

May 7, 2017

Boris, ah, I see what you are dealing with. That is a bot with very many profiles. We are slowly weeding them out. I've asked staff is there a way to take them all out in one swoop. Currently waiting to get word back about the situation.

Sorry, posted before finished with my message. I cannot see your follower list anymore for the time being. As there is no way around it, will you please reply here with the link to their profile? Usually, public call-outs are prohibited under the harassment clause. But, while things are in flux, staff are making an exception if alternative routes are closed.

May 7, 2017

Thanks for the update. I have realised there are two accounts: HotTeacher502193 (which has a blank profile, so may have been deleted already?) and HotTeacher178677, which still exists. I hope that helps you get rid of them!

May 9, 2017
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