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"Buku tersebut membuat saya tertawa."

Translation:The aforementioned book made me laugh.

June 16, 2019



Correct English but it has been more than 10 years since I heard anyone use the word aforementioned. It's not in common use any more. A more contemporary word or phrase might be better.


A more contemporary word or phrase might be better.

Which contemporary word or phrase would that be according to you ?
The ? That ?

'aforementioned' is the most accurate translation (imho).
'tersebut' is often translated with 'the' or 'that' , but then people complain that it's not an accurate translation.
But...but.... that = itu, wasn't it ?
So, no matter how it's translated, there is always a reason to complain.

See the following discussions :



I'd like to hear your suggestion of a more contemporary word or phrase.


Hi, while we don't often say "aforementioned" in everyday conversations, it is still commonly used in written material and when giving presentations at work/school. Hope this helps.


Yes, I know.
It's also used like that in Indonesian, mainly in the formal style.
It's used a lot in news articles and such (see the examples in the other sentence discussions).

My point is actually :
Suggest an alternative instead of just complaining.


The book mentioned makes me laugh. This is considered incorrect! incorrectly so considered


Would “ the (recently) mentioned book” or “ the (recently) cited book “or even “that particular book” come close enough to “ buku tersebut” to say goodbye to “aforementioned” ?


It must have been 'The Great Batbecue Disaster'


"the book aforementioned made me laugh" should also be accepted.


What a bull shit with the word aforementioned. I make a lot of mistakes in english. My native language is dutch. I don't want to learn english

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