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"Oggi è il tuo ottavo compleanno."

Translation:Today is your eighth birthday.

June 6, 2014



The sentence can either mean "today it is" or "today is" The natural translation is "today is".


If one has a hard time remembering the ordinal word for the number 8, think about octaves, the 8th tone in a musical scale. ♡


Very good. Thank you.


In musical scale there are also prima, seconda, tercia, quarta, quinta, sexta and septima ;-) So ordinary numbers are easy to remember


"Cakeday" is not a valid option.


I am disappoint, Duolingo :(


Do Italian children actually need to be told this? Gee!


I think that at times Duolingo is having a tongue in cheek laugh at us.


You discovered the elephant in the room. Great. I agree. And good for them they do a great deal of routine work which must get tiresome so a little laugh for them and us is in order. I think it's: "...have a laugh on us."


"Today's" should be accepted.


Agreed, but let's not forget this is not a face to face classroom. These sentences have been programmed into a computer program. So, if by chance, or by intent, something was not included the program will mark it as incorrect. When I say by intent I mean that Duo could not possibly include every regional and colloquial version of the languages.

In this case of course, it is good English. Try reporting it tohelp out other learners. See here for some tips etc but most important the Guidelines:



I know. I wasn't asking for an explanation of why it's not accepted, just stating that it should be. The point of saying "X should be accepted" in a report is to make the developers aware that something was missed so it can be added, and in comments to make other users aware that someone has noticed and already reported it so they don't feel compelled to bog down the developer with duplicate requests. It wasn't an invitation for a lecture on how software works. I'm a software engineer.


"Today's" is a possessive (today's date) NOT a contraction for "today is".


Respectfully, I believe you are incorrect. "Today's Thursday. Tomorrow's payday. Saturday's my day off." These are all acceptable contractions.


I agree that people use those contractions and in most cases would be understood but we must determine when we should avoid using them. Examples:

Similar to "Today's Thursday" in your example, "Today’s meeting" is a possessive form in the genitive (possessive) case. It asserts that the meeting belongs to today and is not referring to some other meeting on a different day (and today is not any other day besides Thursday).

I am stating that it is a better practice to avoid anything that looks like a possessive in English if it is not.

Looking at this from the Italian perspective, I believe Duo is reinforcing that position by requiring the verb "is", written as "è" in this lesson rather than a contraction. I am not far along in my learning but I have never seen a contraction in Italian for isn't or don't for example. Elisions of the pronouns are common of course.


Thats exactly what i wrote, wake up Duo


Compleanno can also mean anniversary?


I wrote correct answer . Twat


Penso che non sia necessario dire questo alla maggior parte dei bambini--lo sanno già!


Is it just me, or it sounds like "cUmpleanno" instead of "cOmpleanno" at regular speed?


I fell for the same thing!


I like little boys

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