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  5. "He sees it."

"He sees it."

Translation:Er sieht es.

April 15, 2013



I checked off 'Er sieht es' and 'Er sieht sie,' but got it wrong because only 'Er sieht es' is correct. Wouldn't both be correct? What if the thing he sees is a feminine noun?

  • "Er sieht sie" "Er sieht eine Frau" (He sees her / He sees a woman) [female noun]
  • "Er sieht es" "Er sieht ein Auto" (He sees it / He sees a car) [neutral noun]
  • "Er sieht ihn" "Er sieht einen Mann" (He sees him / He sees a man) [male noun]


Thanks, Amoussa, but 'sie' would be used for any feminine noun. Er sieht die Tür/die Zeitung/die Bäckerei/die Mannschaft etc. would all be 'Er sieht sie' when using a pronoun and would all translate into English as 'He Sees it.' (e.g.- 'He sees the door' is 'He sees it' with the pronoun.)


I see what you mean. Obviously you lose some information when translating back and forth between German and English :) Isn't it fun having to learn the (somtimes arbitrary) gender of nouns in German :D

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