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Vocabulary from Duolingo course

Is there a complete by-lecture list of all words used in the Duolingo course?

I am finding it difficult to work with whole sentences that contain many words plus they have to have the correct grammar, all at once. I would like to split that instead and for each lecture to first memorize the vocabulary, in strictly one-word-at-a-time manner and only then go to use those already known words to put them into sentences to learn the grammar for that particular lecture. Hence the question: is the vocabulary published somewhere, so that I can use it in such a way?

June 17, 2019

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I don't know of any. When we first launched the Klingon course, Duolingo used to show you the words in each Skill. The capital letters were all represented by lower case letters, but at least the words were there. Very shortly after the course was launched, they removed that from all courses. Now I have no idea if or where you can find that. duome.eu/username can show you all the vocabulary from the Skills you have done, but they are not organized by Skill.

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