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  5. "I eat pork and chicken."

"I eat pork and chicken."

Translation:Bisóodi bitsįʼ dóó naʼahóóhai bitsįʼ yishą́.

June 17, 2019



I wrote exactly what it says in the solution and it won't take my answer.


This way of writing it worked out at least for me " Bisóodii bitsj' dóó na'ahoohai bitsj' yishá'. " Friendly regards


Just a heads up: j and į are entirely different letters. į is a nasalized i (i with a hook). There is a j in Navajo as well.


Hi does your phone's keyboard have all letters and signs? Can you write the answer here once more, maybe we can figure it out together. My european Keyboard doesn't have all letters, so makes it pretty much frustrating to find the right ones. And often you might think you actually added the most similar looking letters and signs and still it's wrong though, so to me it seems like that beside the look of the letters ecc it mostly depends how the letter we'll be pronounced I think otherwise it supposed to be working but it doesn't no matter how close the answers look like.


Does " Bitsį' " have a literal meaning? Such as food or meat in general because sometimes the word for pork or chicken is alone in the sentence. Thank you in advance.


It means "its meat/flesh." It makes the difference between referring to a live animal vs the meat you eat.

You won't find pork without bitsįʼ, but you will find both turkey and chicken without bitsįʼ, because we don't have separate words for turkey meat or chicken meat in English. Pork without bitsįʼ just means pig.

One of the bugs in this course is that there is no distinction in the picture cards for turkey vs turkey meat. When you have a full sentence, you can usually figure out what is meant (if it's being eaten, you need the bitsįʼ).


Why is the audio missing in this Navajo course???


I can't speak Navajo if the audio is missing!


It's still in Beta. They're still working on it.

Some of the early exercises have audio now. They didn't before.

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