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"That box contains a dangerous object."

Translation:Kotak itu memuat barang berbahaya.

June 17, 2019


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barang is thing and object is objek..why is wrong objek berbahaya?


We should be careful with similar words like this. When one word means something in one language, it doesn't automatically mean that the corresponding word means the same thing in another language.

You can see the meanings of the word "objek" in Indonesian here: https://kbbi.kemdikbud.go.id/entri/objek

  1. Topic of conversation
  2. Topic of research
  3. Linguistic object
  4. Side job
  5. Source of light for a lens or a mirror

The English word "object" like in this sentence is equivalent to the Indonesian words "barang" or "benda". "Celestial objects" are "benda langit", not "objek langit".


"Berisi" is not accepted.

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