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How do I include an indirect object on a transitive verb?

For example, what would the sentence "Mara gave Torg the her chair" look like in Klingon? What about replacing some of those nouns with pronouns?

June 17, 2019



The thing that is given directly remains the object of the verb, and the indirect object is placed before the object-verb-subject marked with -vaD, to show that it is somehow the beneficiary of the action.

torghvaD quS nob mara.
Mara gave Torg the chair.

You included both "the" and "her" in your example. I'm not sure which one you meant to omit, but if you wanted to say "her" you'd end up with what I've heard called "the gay porn problem": if you say torghvaD quSDaj nob mara, it's not clear whose chair it was originally. But you can solve that problem the same way you would in English if Torg and Mara used the same pronouns.

And yes, you can replace nouns with pronouns, or leave them out all togther, if it doesn't become too ambiguous.


The main way, primarily taught here is to use -vaD. e.g. {torghvaD quS nob mara.} "Mara gave the chair to Torg."

For pronouns and prefixes where relevant: {SoHvaD quS vInob.} "I give it (the chair) to you" or {quS qanob} "I give you the chair" ("prefix-trick" method.) are equivalent.

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