"हम पानी पीते हैं।"

Translation:We drink water.

June 17, 2019

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When to use piitha and pithe


पीता is used for masculine singular nouns in the third-person. It is also used with मैं (when you're male) and तू (when the other person is male).

पीते is used for masculine plural nouns in the third-person. It is also used with हम (when the group you're in is not all-female) and तुम/आप (when the other person is male or is in a masculine/mixed-gender group).

पीती is used for feminine nouns in the third-person. It is also used with मैं/हम (when you're female or in an all-female group) and तू/तुम/आप (when the other person is female or in an all-female group).


पीता / pita for male and singular. पीते / pithe for plural


Just to make sure I understand, there is a masculine singular ending, a masculine plural ending, and a feminine singular/plural ending?


In doulingo i am learning very well than tution


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