Pronouns of source. Tőlem, beőlem, éntőlem, enbelőlem etc.

I was doing so well before I started this section. I knew Tőlem and Rólam and their respective groups, and then this! I'm back on one of those 'consider giving up' sections. No explanation is given for when these variations should be used.

Can anyone provide reasons and examples when these should be used instead of the basic forms. They seem interchangeable on the tests.

Thanks guys!

(I clearly need to take a break)

June 17, 2019

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These forms éntőlem, énbelőlem add extra emphasis to én

you can imagine it as tőlem= from me, éntőlem= from ME

otherwise, they are interchangable.

This might also help:

June 18, 2019

Thanks guys. I'll take a look. I've got all this way and the course still hasn't mentioned past tense.

June 18, 2019
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