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"DaH qagh luSoptaH HeQbogh qama'pu'."

Translation:The prisoners that comply are eating gagh now.

June 17, 2019



luSoptaH is sounding like luSuptaH. Thanks! Female voice.


Listen to the difference between the u in lu and the o in Sop. Yes, it may be a little rounder than that of the male speaker, as a consequence of Canadian raising, but I don't think it should be less round. The example word Okrand gives for the o sound is "mosaic," I think chosen because Americans don't tend to turn that into an "a" as much as, well say my name, which my Ohio cousins pronounce "Rahbin".

Listen to luSop in the exercise and ask if it's more like "shop" "soap" or "soup" (disregarding the quality of the S). I think you may be expecting it to sound like shop, but it should and does sound like soap, not soup. qar'a'?


I just listened again, and I still think that the o in Sop is sounding too much like Sup. I compared it to the o in HeQbogh, which sounds fine. Does anyone else hear what I hear?


Don't know how old these comments are, but if the audio hasn't been re-recorded, then the "Sop" in "luSoptaH" sounds correct to me. I listened to it with and without headphones, and I definitely hear "Sop" rhyming with Soap.

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