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"Dia lebih kurus daripada saya."

Translation:She is thinner than me.

June 17, 2019



It should be "thinner than I." Duo has it correctly in the French course.



Comparative adjectives: using than

We use than when we mention the second person or thing in the comparison. If the second person mentioned takes the form of a personal pronoun, we normally use the object form of the pronoun (me, you, him, her, us, them):

Could you carry this? You’re stronger than me.

Not: You’re stronger than I.

Why did you choose Robert? Marie is more experienced than him.

In more formal situations, instead of than + object pronoun, we can use than + subject pronoun + be:

You managed to answer the ten questions correctly? Well, you’re definitely cleverer than I am!

I preferred Henrietta to Dennis. She was always more sociable than he was.


The comparative form is used for comparing two people or things:

He is taller than me.


Using an object-case pronoun with a "than" comparison and no verb may be more common in English usage, but I wouldn't call it good, formal usage. It's informal English speech.


Speech you don't prefer cannot just blithely be disregarded as informal though. There is nothing that officially makes "je ne sais quoi" formal but "yanahmean?" informal - even in that regard, it comes down to personal preference.

Formal tends to be more correct, informal less so. But there is no strict line or percentage of 'purity' to delineate the two. IMO.


Or he is taller than I am. Could you carry this? You’re stronger than me.

Not: You’re stronger than I. Can be: You're stronger than I am.

Why did you choose Robert? Marie is more experienced than him.

Could be: Why did you choose Robert? Mare is more experienced than he is.


actually both 'than I' and 'than me' are correct English


This is a debate that goes on all over Duolingo. The full sentence is "She is thinner than I am." It is true the the incorrect usage of "me" has infiltrated the language, and it can be found everywhere, but that doesn't make it right. A lot of people say "Him and me went to the disco," but just because a lot of people say that doesn't make it correct.


Take a linguistics course and I'm sure you'll change your mind about what's "correct" and "incorrect."


You might want to add a comma after "course."


Hi. Can you recommend a good one? I's love to do that.


Flanders1, have a look at the linguistics classes offered at Dallas International University (https://www.diu.edu/).


many thanks I will do so, cheers


Should not me, but I.


Should be I, not me.

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