"My city is on television."

Translation:Meine Stadt ist im Fernsehen.

April 15, 2013

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Why not the Fernseher? What's the difference between "das Fernsehen" and "Der Fernseher"?


good question. der Fernseher is the TV set, the technical device. das Fernsehen is the television medium. both use the same word TV in english, hence the confusion. so, for example, when u say, "what's on tv tonight?" or "it was shown on national television", u mean das Fernsehen. when u say, "i bought a new tv", or "i kept the magazines on top of the tv", u mean der Fernseher. das Fernsehen mite also mean the act of watching tv in general, as in "watching tv is bad. hope that cleared it up.


Do people use "in dem" instead of "im"? Is it technically correct to use "in dem"?


It's correct, but mostly people say 'im' in cases lake this.


In my experience it's just as good to say auf dem Fernseher as im Fernsehen. But, that may be an anglicism :/

[deactivated user]

    It doesn't sound natural to me.


    Maybe because having a whole city on top of your TV isn't the most natural thing to see ;-)


    "im Fernsehen"...so "in the television," in other words?

    [deactivated user]

      Literally yes, but that's not what you say in English.


      Danke, christian! I thought "am Fernsehen" (on television) as I would say in English, though it doesn't really make literal sense. I wasn't sure if "in" sometimes meant "on" in German.

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