"That mountain is thick and large."

Translation:Konon blēnon qumblior se rōvon issa.

June 17, 2019

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[deactivated user]

    It's rōvon because blēnon is aquatic right? Then why doesn't qumblior become qumblion?


    "Blēnon" is terrestrial, andthat's why it's "rōvon". That is also why it's "qumblior". The different endings are due to the fact that "rōva" is a different class of adjective than "qumblie". You can already see that from the ending. Adjectives with the -a ending (Class I adjectives) have a different form for every gender, while adjectives with the -ie ending (Class III adjectives) only have two, one for solar/lunar and one for terrestrial/aquatic. And the ending for terrestrial and aquatic nouns of Class III adjectives looks more like what you'd expect of an aquatic form (ending in -r or -illa), even though it applies to the terrestrial nouns (ending in -n) as well.


    Well I wouldn't doubt that those two attributes of The Mountain are true.

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