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  5. "There is a post office."

"There is a post office."

Translation:Es gibt eine Post.

April 15, 2013



Da ist eine Post is a perfectly good translation. Without context there's no way to know the intended meaning.


Why not Postamt rather than just Post?


I think this is correct too


Auch meine Frage.


Is it correct to use Postfiliale here?


What is Postfach and how's it different from Post?

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Das Postfach is a post office box. Die Post is post office.(Das Postamt is also another meaning)


Post=mail=post office?


I had: "Es gibt die Post" but Duolingo did not accept it What is wrong with it? Should it be: "Es gibt Die Post". ?


The prompt says "a post office," so you need to use "eine" and not "die."

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    What is the semantic difference between Es gibt eine Post and Da ist eine Post?


    "Es gibt eine Post" just means a post office exists; it's the generic "there is" just stating the existence or presence of something. "Da ist" is pointing to a specific location (wherever "da" is) and saying a post office is there.

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    So why not ¨Da gibt eine Post¨?


    That would mean "A post office gives there." The idiom is "es gibt," not "da gibt."

    You can use "es gibt" to mean "there is [something]," saying that the thing exists or is present, or you can use "da ist" to mean "[something] is there," saying that there thing is in some particular place, but you're mixing these up.


    So I just finished learning reflexive verbs and tried: Es befindet sich eine Post. and was told it was wrong. Warum?


    Why are some sentences sometimes Es gibt and other times Gibt es? Sigh!!


    It's just a matter of putting the verb "gibt" in the right position for the sentence. The verb belongs second in a statement, and first in a question. So we have the statement "Es gibt eine Post" here, but if we made it into a question we would have "Gibt es eine Post?" Also if we wanted to put something other than "es" before the verb in the statement we could say something like "In meiner Stadt gibt es eine Post."


    "Da gibt es ein Postamt." is not accepted. I'm reporting it, because I think it's right. You can interpret "There is a post office" to simply mean one exists, or that there is one /there/. My translation fits the latter.

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