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  5. "Meine Medikamente"

"Meine Medikamente"

Translation:My medicine

April 15, 2013



What is the difference between Medikamente and Medizin? How would they be used differently in conversation?

  1. ‘Medizin’ can mean either “medicinal drug” or “the science of medicine”, while ‘Medikament’ only means “medicinal drug”.

  2. ‘Medizin’=“medicine”, in the sense of a “medicinal drug”, is usually used as a mass noun in both German and English, while the German ‘Medikament’ is always used as a count noun.


I don't see why "Medicamente" the plural of "Medicament" must be translated to "medicine" but not "medicines".


It doesn't have to be. The English word “medicine” can be either a mass noun or a count noun. If both aren't accepted, please report it.


Is there any reason why "my medicaments" is not accepted?


In English one would say "My medicine(s)" or " My medication(s) ". Medicaments is not a typically used word at all (in the U.S., anyway) - more archaic or specialized. You will find it in a dictionary but not used in speech or even most writing (unless someone was using a thesaurus! ) :-)


can this refer to your prescription drugs? is it a general term for medicine, including holistic?


Yes. No, just medications; see the reply to Lisa80.


I just wrote "my meds" and it was accepted

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