Most Useful zrussian Phrase Ever

First sentence I can say in Russian. "Dad, this is not my motor." In case, you know, your dad steals the neighbor's car engine and pts it in your car?

June 18, 2019


Zofia, In the grand Duolingo scheme of things at least you could envisage a situation when "Dad, this is not my motor." could be useful - however far-fetched that may seem. Part of the Duolingo Russian course used to include the phrase: "My horse is not an artist but an architect." (Моя лошадь не художник, а архитектор." ))

June 18, 2019

Maybe this horse is his wife. 8)

– А что, отец,– спросил молодой человек, затянувшись,– невесты у вас в городе есть?

Старик дворник ничуть не удивился.

– Кому и кобыла невеста,– ответил он, охотно ввязываясь в разговор.

– Больше вопросов не имею,– быстро проговорил молодой человек. И сейчас же задал новый вопрос:

– В таком доме да без невест?

June 18, 2019

Although it's well known that Queen Elizabeth's elder son, and heir to throne (Prince Charles) has an interest in architecture, and his (now) wife's facial features have often been commented on in the media as more equestrian-related than human)) I don't think this was what inspired Duolingo's horse and architect piece in the Russian course))

June 18, 2019

— Наших невест, — возразил дворник, — давно на том свете с фонарями ищут. У нас тут государственная богадельня, старухи живут на полном пенсионе. :)))))))))

June 19, 2019


...."For the past few months I’ve also been using Memrise to learn Swedish, Danish and Russian. In some ways I prefer it to Duolingo as Memrise focuses more of phrases you’re likely to use in everyday life, and the recordings are made by real people rather than robots.

I do like some of the ridiculous phrases that pop up on Duolingo though, such as:

– Sköldpaddan har en gul hatt = The turtle has a yellow hat

– Han går som en älg = He walks like a moose

– Jag hör inte dig eftersom jag har kanelbullar i öronen = I don’t hear you because I have cinnamon rolls in my ears

– Skildpadden drikker te = The turtle is drinking tea

– Anden læser avisen = The duck is reading the newspaper

– Ca caută ursul în șifonier? What is the bear doing in the wardrobe?

– Am un cuptor plin cu pui = I have an oven filled with chickens

– Eu am văzut o bufniță răzând = I saw an owl laughing

– Моя лошадь не художник а архитектор = My horse is not an artist but an architect

– Этот человек говорит, что он волшебник, но я ему не верю = This person says he’s a wizard, but I don’t believe him

– У меня есть говорящая лошадь = I have a talking horse

So, is it possible to learn a language just with Duolingo?

June 19, 2019

Yeah, in German, Spanish, Italian and Esperanto you start with drinking water and eating apples. But Russian is different, you have to know about motors in order to survive in our country.

June 18, 2019

Exactly, for the very same reason that many Russian cars are ingeniously equipped with 2 spare wheels, so if/when there's a problem with the motor in your Lada or Volga, at least you know, if all else fails, that you can at least cycle home afterwards....

June 18, 2019

Exactly like Batman on his Batpod. :D

June 18, 2019

Yes, apparently the Moskvitch batpod is indistinguishable from the Gotham City version....)

June 18, 2019


1 Taxi.

Поехали на моторе (поехали на такси). -Let's go on the motor (go by taxi). Conversation vocabulary

2 The Car

Ну че, поедем на моем моторе?- Well, let's go on my motor? Car slang

3 Motor A heart. Не пей много кофе, мотор шалить будет! -Do not drink a lot of coffee, the engine (a heart) will be naughty! General age

4 Motor Taxi. Лови мотор до дому (дома) ! - Catch the motor to the house!

MOTOR - 1) heart, 2) car, taxi

Dictionary of thieves' jargon. :))))

The same in english slang

Motor 1. An engine.

  1. British slang for "automobile".

  2. Slang for motorcycle, usually in reference to police motorcycles.

  3. Damn it, my motor's shot again!

  4. Oi! That wanker just nicked my motor!

  5. After passing the test, Jim was assigned to the police department's motor unit.

Well, that Duolingo did not say "Dad this is not my tin (wheelbarrow, rattletrap...) - " Папа это не моя жестянка (тачка, колымага....)"

June 19, 2019

In my experience, nobody says "мотор" for car. If not "машина", then nearly always "тачка".

June 21, 2019

Лет пятьдесят назад машину иногда могли назвать "мотором" ("Лови мотор"). Теперь уже нет, это ушло из языка.

June 21, 2019

"Мотор" is in the course primarily as a useful word for learning the alphabet, I don't think it turns up at all in later lessons.

June 21, 2019
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