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Plot Twists on French Stories

I have just discovered the stories feature in French and I must dare say, some stories kept me awake and more interested in learning the language. The plot twists got me laughing so hard. I can't stop reading these now, can't I?

Anyway, how do you feel about these stories?

June 18, 2019



I really love the stories too and some of them have been very intriguing to read!!

I wish they would add more. In the meantime I have gotten to reading French novels, the one I am reading now is 'Et Soudain Tout Change' by Gilles Legardinier.


I wish there were more stories, I don't want to finish them.


You should consider this an opportunity to start building a French story collection of your own. ;) I would recommend pretty much anything by Sylvie Lainé if you're comfortable at level 16 on the Duolingo French course.


I really like it and it comes as a surprise to me every time. I think that they should make it longer and slightly more engaging. Perhaps they should let people submit their stories and pick the best one's to be on Duolingo. Thanks, have a great day and bye :)

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