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"Chefs are not led by a lawyer!"

Translation:Koki tidak dipimpin oleh seorang pengacara!

June 18, 2019



"Chefs are not led by a lawyer!" Am struggling to find the intended meaning or the rationale behind this sentence in English.


That's the fun of learning a new language. You can say and try out constructions that are grammatically correct but are also highly improbable in the situations those constructions describe. Sometimes this can lead to interesting discoveries about the language and its use.

Sure, it may be silly, but it's grammatically correct, right? One typically can't learn a new language without sounding silly part of the time to local speakers of that language.


This is a very strange sentence.


Is there special meaning of this sentence in Bahasa Indonesia?


Surely, it's nothing


meaning chefs can bend the rules when cooking?

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