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  5. What happened to the levels?


What happened to the levels?

I'm no longer able to see my levels anymore? It only shows how much XP I have in each language when you go to the settings.

Why Duolingo? :(

June 18, 2019



The levels really motivated me to go on in polish, I am almost finished, and it was a good experience. I would really like to know why they have taken them away on the profiles, because obviously, for the moment at least, they still show up in the discussions.


My thoughts exactly. Very disappointed with what they did, there's no benefits to removing levels and no one asked for it, yet they just removed them. very sad.


Certainly seems strange that they still show up in these forums. Perhaps we should just create a topic where people can post just to see their level?


I have the same question. It was helpful to see your progression and the progression of others. It was also helpful to see how close you were to level up.


Yup. Just one more thing to motivate us! I'd prefer to keep the levels as well.


Thank you so much!!!! I didn't know about "duome" at all. It's so informative


Amazing! Thanks!

Really 'questionable' that they removed it...


I also have the same question, as I rely on motivation through the levels- and now I can't see how far I've gotten, only by comments and crowns.


I don't usually complain, but this change is really demotivating. I hope it's just a glitch. I think the idea of a thread to check levels is a good one!


You are very good natured! I am not so amenable to change. Why should we have to use a thread now? What was wrong with the way it was? Why did Duolingo ever drop the levels? There should be something, be it a number or a color, that shows one's level. Everyone likes to see his progress! In English there is a saying, "If it ain't broke, don't fix it"!


Yes, I would love to have the levels back, as well. Seeing how many XP I needed to reach the next level gave me great motivation to move up. Now I have no idea where I am as far as levels.


Unfortunately, it seems that the levels that show up next to our posts do not update. Looks like what you're seeing next to user's names is a "frozen in time" level from when they made the change. Agree that this is an unfortunate change - not making use of powerful "gamification" psychology that keeps users motivated.


Never mind, that's not true. It does update. But seriously Duo, quit fixing things that ain't broken.


Any chance that level indicator could be restored?


This is happening to me, too. I thought that Duolingo had stopped using levels, but when I posted to a discussion thread all my languages and their levels showed up with my posting, so I know that there is a glitch somewhere. I hope it can be easily fixed! It is difficult to know how far one must go to reach the next level if he cannot see the number of points he has already and how many more he must earn to reach the next level. He also cannot know if he is about to be promoted in his league!

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I love Duolingo.

I hate Duolingo developers.

Why these constant changes of things that work? Why not change something that users complain about?


Developers only do what the business associates tell them to do. Trust me, most often developers are not happy with business decisions.


I also think it's less of the developers and more from the management side, that decisions s*ck! :-/


yes why i reached dutch lvl 12 but now i can not see it anymore


Apparently taking a page from Linkedin...make changes and don't tell anyone...I actually was motivated by the levels and had them on my linkedin profile...so strange.


A few months ago someone posted on another discussion and it helped me. Try this (remember that I'm no ITer): type 'duolingo levels' in the address bar on top of your page. Select 'duolingo levels - javascript: (function() ...'. Drag and add it to your favorites bar. Good luck


Here’s the link lady1inred is referring to, in case it’s not already in your browser history ;)


Amazingly it still works, 2 months later!

(You can also find the original comment near the top of this thread.)


test to see if I can see my levels. Agree that they were motivating! BRING THEM BACK duo!!! even if arbitrary, they help individuals focus on continual learning.


I was wondering the same thing. Is there a guide showing how many points for the different levels


I'm posting to see if my current levels show up. I wish they would be restored in the next update to the software.


Testing to see if my levels show up in my posting.


again...dumb change...


When are they bringing this back? My APP just changed this week to this new format of not showing my level. Really upsetting....


I want to know my levels too.


I wonder what my level is


Did you guys have the experience of not being to move up unless to buy plus ?


How do I see my level?


How many levels are there in each language

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