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"How much does the iced tea cost?"

Translation:Berapa harga es teh?

June 18, 2019



Why is it not "teh es"? Shouldn't teh be the noun, and es modifies it? The modifier always comes after the noun, of course.

The only reason I can think if is it's a compound loanword, so it's treated as one word, even though there's a space. Is that true?


Iced drinks are just called like that : [Es] + [ingredient].
Grammatically it's a compound noun.
But to be honest, the grammar is not as interesting as the iced drink itself :)

Here are some articles about iced drinks.
No need to read the articles, just take a look at the pictures.
They're all yummy :)






I am learning Duolingo on my smartphone. Unfortunately I can't copy and paste links from comments and clicking them only opens a reduced view. Until now I couldn't figure out how to see the original version and until I do... perhaps copy and paste could be installed...?


Rubbish way to lose a heart. Fairly obvious it can be said either way!


If we already have a question word, like berapa, is it strange to say apakah as well?

Apakah berapa harga es teh?

I guess the berapa already specifies that it is a question?

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