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Colors in Hawaiian

I have some questions about saying colors in Hawaiian.

1: How do I say "light _ _ ", like "light green", "light grey", "light brown", etc. ?

2: How do I say "dark _ _ _", like "dark red"?

3: How do I say both "deep _ _ ", as in "deep blue" aka navy blue, and "bright _ _ " as in "bright pink" aka hot pink?

4: How do I say color combinations, such as "yellowish green" (or yellow-green), "red-ish orange", etc. ?

5: Finally, I need a little help with translation. If I was referring to a group of objects and I wanted to say "They are yellow, orange, and blue" would I say "ʻO he melemele, ʻalani a me polū lākou."? Similarly, if I was only referring to a singular object, and I wanted to say "It is red" would I say "ʻO ka ʻulaʻula la."?

If anyone could help me with these questions, it would be greatly appreciated.

June 18, 2019


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