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"Koran Tini dilihat oleh seorang prajurit."

Translation:Tini's newspaper is seen by a soldier.

June 18, 2019



The soldier should buy his own. I hate it when people read my paper over my shoulder on a bus or a train


Is seorang mandatory?


It depends. The original sentence could be interpreted as "Tini's newspaper is widely read among soldiers" if you remove "seorang" ("a" in English) from the sentence.

I guess "Tini's newspaper was found (witnessed) by a solider" is the context Duolingo wanted to say. -- i.e. either lost-and-found situation, or Tini is a criminal and she accidentally left her newspaper as hard evidence.


Active voice translation: "A soldier saw Tini's newspaper" Because of the often awkwardness of translating into a passive voice in English, the active voice translation should be added as an option for a correct answer.


This is a skill about passive verbs and the passive voice.

Translations in the active voice are rejected.


You read the newspaper! You fo not see a newspaper!


You do NOT see a newspaper.


What a ridiculous statement! Of course one can see a newspaper without reading it, unless you are suggesting the newspaper is invisible.

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