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"If I had not gone to school, I would not have known how to read"

Translation:Nisingalikwenda shule nisingalijua kusoma

June 18, 2019



After insisting on -enda instead of -kwenda for almost the entire course, suddenly -kwenda is required and -enda is wrong. "Nisingalienda shule nisingalijua kusoma" should be accepted here. For the longer term, it would be great if additions to acceptable answers were made throughout the course to reflect that -enda and -kwenda are equally correct in almost all sentences. The only exceptions I can think of are the imperative (nenda/nendeni) and the subjunctive (uende, usiende).


In the previous version of this statement, if I had gone to SHULENI, I would have learned to read. Why is SHULE used this time? Also, in the audio version of this statement, discussion is closed but I reported that audio says SHULENI but the only choice is to use SHULE. Am I to assume that "going to school" can use either word or that Duo is slowly getting rid of SHULENI in favor of SHULE for this kind of use?


I am also confused about shule being the place I have been going to, instead of shuleni, as in sokoni to by fruit. - I have no answer.

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