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"I did not come to my graduation ceremony."

Translation:Aku tidak datang ke upacara wisudaku.

June 19, 2019



Ku tak ke upacara wisudaku


Thanks for this less formal translation


How actually do we choose saying come or go in Indonesian?


Yes, the more natural English sentence would use the word "go", wouldn't it?

I did not go to my graduation ceremony. Aku tidak menghadiri upacara wisudaku. (Using "pergi ke" sounds translationese to me.)

I don't think we use the word "pergi" often in such contexts. "Datang" or "menghadiri" (attend) are more commonly used.


I don't think the English sentence is possible unless you are in the place the ceremony took place at a time in the future and thinking back to it. Otherwise it should be go.


Indeed, to clearly present the possible context you described, I'll rewrite it.

The sentence is possible when:

Any moment after your ceremony, you are there, where the ceremony took place.


Saya tidak mendatangi ke upacara wisuda saya

Why "datang", and not "mendatangi"?

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