Trouble with correctly inputting...

Hi! New student, first time poster!

When I get the lesson page with 4 buttons, each with one word like "1 Il" "2 la" "3 l'" and "4 lo" it asks me to write something. I then type it in on the given line, and get "You used the wrong word," even if I gave the answer that they provide.

So, I am having an input problem. Am I supposed to click on the buttons? I switched from Firefox [had this problem there] to Chrome, and the problem got better for about 2 or 3 questions, then the problem returned. I have typed the answer on the line provided, which has a cursor, and still, the correct answer is marked wrong.

This is irritating, and seems like I might be missing something obvious.

Any help?


June 19, 2019

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The four words are the definitive object and you need to select the correct one. Then you need to type the translation of the word (without a definite object) so the selected word AND the typed translation give you the translated answer.

June 19, 2019
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