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Hebrew Duolingo Verb Conjugations (w/ audio) Finished!

שלום, A few months ago, I posted about a verb chart for the first several Hebrew verbs. There is a Memrise course that teaches vocabulary, but it quite lazy when it comes to verb conjugations. This has made it difficult to know how different verb forms were pronounced. Therefore, I made this chart which has the nikkud marks, as well as a pronunciation guide with Roman letters:


Well, then I decided to turn that information into a Memrise course with audio--so I did. The result of this is that the present tense (mostly PA'AL forms) of the first 80+ verbs from the Hebrew Duolingo Course are completely conjugated. Here is the link to this course, which I just finished today!:


The audio comes primarily from forvo.com. The verb information comes from pealim.com. These two are great references for Hebrew learners.

תהנו ולהתראות!

June 19, 2019



Todah rabah,be'emet! :-D


Todah rabah! Thank you so much for putting this here. The lack of Nikkud in Duo keeps getting me headaches.....to the point that I advanced more with a dictionary and a fully Hebrew learning book for first graders than on duo....I just can't do the classes here :'(


Wow, amazing! I imagine creating this was helpful for your own learning process, too. Thanks for sharing.


Yes it was! Thanks.


Thank you for creating and sharing this wonderful resource! It will be so useful to me.

[deactivated user]

    Thanks myself!

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