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Non-English Speaker Users?

Is it possible to have English learning course for those non-English speakers? For example, I'm not native English speaker, but I can speak/read English well. For me, to learn other language from English is not a big problem. For my friends, they like the way duolingo app is. Unfortunately, they don't understand English at all. If duolingo have a new language 'English', that would be great and a good news for non-English speakers! I'm not saying that learning English from their native language like French-English, Spanish-English or Chinese-English. That would be dictionary / translator type, this is not duoligno's style. There are a bunch of those kind of tools / apps out there. What I mean here is English-English learning. For those users who don't understand English all, they can start from learning simple words from pictures or sounds or maybe a short video, like a little child does. Then go on for more advance, and so on. Anyway, this is a good idea to have a 'English' in duolingo.

April 15, 2013



Learning English through English is a good idea, but it looks more like Rosetta Stone than like Duolingo. As for now, Duolingo is exactly "dictionary/translator type". It would require major additional programming to provide such a course and I'm not sure if the team is even planning it.


I teach English to non-English speakers. It would be so incredibly helpful to share Duolingo with my students! You are missing a huge portion of the population that would use this site and app. I cannot believe they you would not consider others who really want to speak, read, listen and write English!! This is HUGE Duolingo !

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